Please read and understand Stockist’s terms and conditions carefully.

  1. There is no registration fee, but Stockist must have a minimum of 30set Dico Haircare products.
  2. Stockist need to be committed, consistent, honest, trustworthy and willing to improve your standard of living.
  3. Stockist will need to fill in the form. All the details must be clearly and correctly submited on our official website www.dico-store.com for Dico Haircare HQ review and validation whether Stockist are eligible for special price and incentives offered.
  4. Dico Haircare HQ are deserved to reject your application if the details provided is counterfeit.
  5. All Stockists are required to keep ongoing sales and purchase targets from Dico Haircare HQ.
  6. Stockists are required to provide a copy of their identity card, SSM copy (if any) for verification.
  7. Dico Haircare HQ will notify if you are eligible to be one of our Stockist.
  8. If you are qualified to be our Stockist, purchases need to be done via online on our official website www.dico-store.com or via phone. Please screenshot the payment proof for our perusal.
  9. Stockist need to sign a Stokist Contract provided by Dico Haircare.
  10. The Distribution Rights are non-transferable without the prior approval of Dico Haircare.

Apply as DAS

100% VEGAN Coconut Based
Phthalate FREE No Dangerous Chemical
Gluten FREE Celiac Friendly
Color SAFE Keep Your Hair Color